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  • [ – ] ShweebeTheFabulous reply I actually reopened a new VidMe account just so I could comment on this. <3 I used to drink my butt off back in college now I'm more prone to just having a wine cooler and being happy with that. lol I don't mind fighters provided I'm not playing with someone who gets salty easily. I'll let ya know when I get this challenge done. And thanks for tagging me. <3
    • The_Game_Catcher parent reply <3! I'm graduated now, but I still live in my college town. There's a couple of Juniors I think I'm gonna have to look out for in that regard. XD Oh, God, salt can be so awful! Awesome! I hope you have fun with it~!
  • [ – ] Directionally_Challenged reply did you say "vlogging challenged" Are you taking my vlog thing!?
  • [ – ] LexiiB reply Agree with you on the alcohol thing although I like fighters. Theres no story but its just a game where you can practice mechanical skill and hand/eye coordination. Thanks for tagging me although im not sure I want to make videos of this style at this time
  • [ – ] Androo_NR_Gaming reply I obviously don't drink either and alcohol DOES suck, IMO. I'm just saying but you have AMAZING taste in style, clothes, etc. You look wonderful in this video! ^_^
  • [ – ] theNBeXperience reply I don't drink either. Nothing good can possibly come from it haha. I don't like most fighters either. Smash is Marvel vs. Capcom are the exceptions.
  • [ – ] MackenzieLambert reply Alcohol is a once or twice a year thing for me. Not a fan of fighters myself, but I can hold my own in SSB.
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