Batman (1989)-Movie Review

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  • Excell reply Don't worry about telling me how to make a Thumnail for my video, because I watched a video on YouTube how to do it.
  • [ – ] Excell reply So, you have 17k on your YouTube right?
  • [ – ] Excell reply Can you tell me how to make a thumbnail for Vidme please.
    • [ – ] Fredth3darkkn1ght parent reply Hello. Thanks for following! I just joined Vidme today. I need to find out. Right now I have been uploading videos that were on my YouTube. I haven't figured out how to have a thumbnail yet for regular uploads. I can find out.
      • [ – ] Excell parent reply I just joined today too.
        • Fredth3darkkn1ght parent reply I just found out. So when you upload a video from the file you are sent to a video manager. There it shows the video processing. To the right of that are a couple of icons and on the far right are a row of dots. Click over the dots and a couple of options are shown. One of them says to upload a thumbnail.
  • Excell reply I just followed you.
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