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  • [ – ] nodetact reply "Walk as the wind wills, go where you must Make a sharp shadow across the yellow dusk May every wish you're wishing and every dream come true May you find good for tune in all that you do" ~my Chinese school anime pencil box Y o u A r e M i n e My blessings go your way for not only believing in my efforts (mostly consisting my channel), but also for unironically being one of the best sources of warmth, company and aspiration weirdness catalysts like ourselves could ever ask for in such an amazing world. Your anime rips, meme posts and slice of life videos may seem like a shallow and reckless waste of time for many others (AxxL gets too low), but as long as you come to terms with the value and resourcefulness of anything that comes your way, it's not content creating that is the utmost of presently strife and vain to bear existence: it's you, it will always be you and there is nothing ever wrong with shedding light on even the little things, because they at least matter to me... Aft...moreer all, you never know what you don't know. I love you, @WebNoob, and whether there is anything you actually do hope to have, things you wish would fleet from you at bay or just simply caress the cherished moments of breathing, exhaling and embracing the long journey, you do not have to trust someone to the likes of myself, but just know that I ever remain as one viable option. Down to earth, up the sky, deep in oceans and gleaming an essence, ~Tony/nodetact
  • theoldsparrow reply A relaxing scenic video. Good stuff.
  • Antoine92003 reply *Insert Japanese-weeb song here*
  • [ – ] QuasarGaming reply Where are ya now?
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