"THE SERUM?" | Resident Evil 7 | Part 7

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  • [ – ] Comander-O reply I can understand that you want to grow quickly especially since I've also been doing this for about 3 years too. It is easy to lose motivation to keep making content for an audience that isn't actually there most the time. Sure it might also be easier to just start over but that way could also be a quicker way to just quit all together depending on how you plan that since you have to regain an audience again. If there is a way to maintain your motivation to keep making content for your channel then I would recommend to stop worrying about the numbers. If you could do that and just be concerned with how you can improve your content for those who actually care about what you make and can enjoy making them too then I'm sure you can become big one day. The main thing for us content creators need to believe in is in those who enjoy our stuff since they are the ones who matter the most to want to keep growing for. Rome, video games, and popular content creators didn't become big in a day a...morefter all. As long as you have patience and can find the motivation to keep going then there shouldn't be much reason to care where you stand in popularity. =D
    • Razberry parent reply I totally get this standpoint, in a sense, I'm not really worried about numbers, but I just wish I could impact others more profoundly than what I've been able to do thus far. Patience is truly important and if I think about it, it's been paying off compared to when I first started. Maybe I just need to be able to enjoy more with friends because recording games like RE 7 can get a little lonely, no matter how fun it is. I've always told myself that as long as one person keeps watching, I'll keep doing what I'm doing because it means I'm doing something right. I just want other people to enjoy the content I've been honored with producing, to make someone's day. It's not a matter of popularity, just more like, I want to cheer people up--because it's always what I've wanted to do. It's been a mission of mine since the beginning of my channel's lifespan. But yeah man, you're totally right, popularity does not matter c:
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