The Ultimate NES Classic (Nintendo Mini) Alternative! - Cygnus Destroyer

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  • TheLJNDefender reply @hare1222 The AVS is definitely more of an investment than the NES Classic. The Classic edges out the AVS in the regards that it has 30 pre-installed games whereas the AVS has none, but the AVS has more bang for the buck in every other category.
  • [ – ] TheLJNDefender reply @6661313 If you have some old carts or plan on collecting, then I would definitely suggest getting the AVS. I love both of my NES consoles, but they don't produce the best picture quality, whereas the AVS looks beautiful on modern televisions.
    • 6661313 parent reply i actually have a CRT tv so i can't even use the nintendo mini lol no hdmi port. at least this thing is expandable with rom carts too
  • 6661313 reply i should sell the mini i got and buy one of them lol
  • TheLJNDefender reply @calem07 I hope so, too:) I just saw that the AVS is temporarily out of stock right now, but I'm sure that Brian (the owner of RetroUSB) will have them back soon.
  • TheLJNDefender reply @duffy Best Buy is supposed to have stock back on the 20th, but it's probably going to sell out quick, so I'd get there early if you want to pick one up. On a different note, I apparently have terrible timing because I just saw that the AVS itself is out of stock. Anyway, whichever option you choose depends on what you're looking for. If you just want to play games like Mario 3 & Mega Man 2, I'd suggest going for the Classic, but if you want to dive deep into the NES & Famicom library, then the AVS is the go to console. Anyway, thanks for watching:)
  • calem07 reply Awesome! i hope i can get it, :D
  • duffy reply good to know. i can't find the classic anywhere :(
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