"She Swore Off Love" Music Video || Andi Loveall

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  • [ – ] ChestGuyMGTOW reply interesting. i've always wanted to make my own music
    • [ – ] andi_loveall_music parent reply Do it! You should! It's fun.
      • [ – ] ChestGuyMGTOW parent reply idk the first thing about it lol. i can kinda sing but making the music to go with it? like learning a different language
        • [ – ] andi_loveall_music parent reply I can't sing at all really, but I love the process of making my voice sound different with all the special effects, lol. I just "whisper sing." Making the music is really fun. I just start with a beat and kind of freestyle something to go along with it, make it crazy with effects, etc. Then I mix those and listen again, freestyle more on top of it, etc. I want to try adding some piano stuff but it'll just be short samples because I can't actually play, lol. I also used to play flute but haven't for years and I'm really rusty!
          • [ – ] ChestGuyMGTOW parent reply i used to play the trumpet and bass but not for a while. i got into martial arts. i'm teaching myself to sing. i didn't think you could teach yourself. i thought you just had your voice and that's that but there's so much more to it. when are you gonna put something new out?
            • [ – ] andi_loveall_music parent reply I'm working on something but it's probably gonna take me a while. I have to be in the right mindset to do music because when I do, it totally takes me over and I work on it obsessively for days at a time, sacrificing whatever, including sleep sometimes. It's like a fever! lol
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