A 4Kids Retrospect - Part 2

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  • ChronoArcaile18 reply Awsome 4kids Restrspect buddy,I loved the 4kids dub of Ultimate Muslcle which was downright halarious,from what I heard buddy,whats interesting is that Ultimate Muscle did'nt do so well in the japanese version which is why it ended up being so well received in the english dub,the reason the japanese version got poor ratings because of how much the anime version's storyline chaged so much from the manga,similiar to how the Manga version of Ultra Maniac had a completly different plot from the anime version. Tokyo Mew Mew's 4kids dub did so poorly in america (Despite it's success in South America) that they canceled it after 26 episodes,this is why I did a fan made saban dub style amv of it.
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