I'M THE BEST AT THIS GAME - Dragon Ball Z: The Legacy of Goku - SINGLE PLAYER!! - Part 1

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  • [ – ] RontroGaming reply Good video. First one I've watched of yours. I spent a lot of time on this game as well. I remember a lot of trips to the hospital with my father before he passed. While I waited for him in the waiting room I played the ever living hell out of this game. I still have my original copy along with the 2nd. Never got to play Buu's Fury unfortunately. I'm a huge fan of the Dragon Ball series myself and I'm loving Super. Anyway, I followed and upvoted and will be watching more. I think I need to replay this game and review it on my channel.
    • [ – ] SinglePlayer parent reply This was always my go-to road trip game, along with one of the Pokémon games. Such a classic game to play! You have to get around to playing Buu's Fury one of these days, dude. It has it's own fun perks. Anyways, welcome to the channel and so glad that you enjoyed! Thanks for watching!
      • RontroGaming parent reply I plan on getting into Buu's Fury sometime in the near future. A bit busy with getting a new review put together after a 6 month hiatus. Not to mention working on a film I can't wait to share with all of vidme. and also, you are very welcome.
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