NETHERLANDS: Kids are brought to a local mosque and taught how to pray like a Muslim

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  • SouthernRanger reply This shit right here is perfectly acceptable to the left, but if they were brought into a Christian church and taught how to pray to the Lord then they'd be foaming at the mouth and start screeching about forcing religion on children.
  • ManBehindtheCurtain reply unbelievable...disgusting...
  • Thornack reply i would have take my kids from the school that organized this sick thing. nothing wrong with taking a look at an other culture, but this!.....
  • essamazizo76 reply How Come They Let This Muslim Man Forcing Religion on Children?
  • BarbesSpeelt reply This is just a school outing, a field trip, probably to a mosque nearby, so the kids learn about other cultures. And for those who don't understand Dutch: everything said is playful and just about the posture, nothing about the religious part. Our Dutch society is multi-cultural and there is no harm what soever in trying to understand each other. Quite the opposite, I would say. No religion is forced upon anyone here, unless it is forced upon them by their own parents.
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