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  • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo reply Hi Tracey. First off I have no issue with fellow believers mirroring my video's. I would however like to hear your opinion on this woman and the pain she endured. I plan to discuss many topics including abortion while on vidme. Vidme recently contacted me and claimed they will add block and report features within a week. When this happens I will start posting new content and talking much more. God bless.
    • TracyMay_ parent reply I also would like you to meet someone who debates athiest and he reminds me an awful lot of you and your work. You can find him on You Tube under the name of Eric Wolfbitn Jewell. We have done several videos together but he is very good at debating. God bless you brother I'm on my phone but will get you a link later and send it your way. Keep up the good workπŸ˜€
    • [ – ] TracyMay_ parent reply Sorry brother I thought I was sharing it. I believe she is a miracle from God and it is horrible that they are still sacrificing children on the alter of Baal. Using science to justify it. Planned Parenthood is a joke and thank you for exposing such abominations. May the Lord bless you always and give you a heart like David and the courage of Paul...
      • [ – ] Brettkeanevideo parent reply We're all miracles. The fact we even exist at all is an impossibility from a scientific perspective. Debates are easy for me because common sense and seeking truth always leads to answers.
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