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  • CrazyJoeWurst37 reply I look good in all you videos:)
  • Star_Wars6collector reply also organic honey is very good for you because it fights off bad bacteria like MRSA you get from the gym or other public places as it lives out side the body for up to 5 days, but this bacteria effects you the older you get,
  • Star_Wars6collector reply How old are you will depend on what your body needs to intake, I feed my 7 year old daughter mostly organic foods, but she lives with my ex, so she still eats some of the bad foods, plus you need to find a better source of water because the fluoride is toxic to our bodies, it is the same with bathing or showering too much the chemical burn dries out or damages the skin, so faster showers or only bathing once a week will help your skin, it sucks but is helps
  • Star_Wars6collector reply don't eat Mc Donald's foods
  • Star_Wars6collector reply you should try eating organic foods because the GMO foods mess up your stomach and your bodies organs, try to eat foods that are organic and that don't upset your stomach, things like cream in your coffee or milk make you sick,
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