Man Claims That Fidget Spinners Are Sent By The Devil

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  • SamEarl13 reply I should start making up stuff too, like Fidget spinners secretly feed off your stress/anger and send the energy to hell to revive Satan and take over the world or something lol :P
  • Anaokar reply We're living in the age of stupid, aren't we? ...hail satan.
  • mintteamew reply #spinningforsatan
  • Furiousredheads reply Its not the sign of the devil! its a sign eastern buddhist use as a MANTRA !!!!
  • Aaronshy reply Well people said Pokémon was satanic and it seems a lot of people haven't learned from that.
  • CacalariBus reply Actually the devil has nothing to do with what you think, just like God has nothing to do with what you think. Almost all people are devil worshippers actually - and love Satan - i.e are the opposite of Jesus - egoistical, rather run over corpses when needed, and have no problem to rule over other humans (i.e via democracy). Then all believe human are bad - therefore the need for all the government stuff. so yeah, they love Satan - they want it.. with or without that spinner - especially the parents actually.
  • BlackbirdFrost reply Damn...don't tell this pastor about flutes! His heart wouldn't handle it!
  • GhostHits reply It is true, my dog actually had to sell his soul in order to gain his awesome fidget spinning ability. Also you never see my dogs front paws while he is spinning, that's because I don't want you to see him making devil signs. XD
  • BryceMinor reply This guy is a retard.People will literally try to put their religion into everything.
  • Iannis_Hour reply info : even the church claimed that the Rock Metal is not the music of the Devil
  • [ – ] FawSya reply at -4:32 you're saying you're not making any satanic sign but you're doing the 666 with your fingers instead of the Horns. Please educate yourselves about the occult or dont talk about it at all.
    • [ – ] WeirdestNews parent reply Gkjjgfhjkidfjjffhyh = demon talk. 😂
      • [ – ] FawSya parent reply you may not believe it, but people of power do. It's all about numbers and symbology to influence the mind. it's a no talk in certain area, here we're joking, but in some country you can get thrown in loony bins for talking the truth *cough* the us sorry we got a misunderstanding but there is research to be done
    • Samlopez40 parent reply What is
  • blackkat26 reply 😂 dude your awesome.
  • Dexter561 reply Well I'm already half evil so meh
  • lambdog76 reply I suppose it depends on what the Devil is. Seems to me Mr Pator Nobody is trying to capitalize on Fidget Spinner fame and get his followers engaged with a call to action. Marketing 101 (always nice to see in religion).
  • MUMS-Universe reply The devil was over time in your video, I couldn't stop laughing.
  • ThingsNStuff reply Caliente primo Vatos locos por vida! Lmao
  • Platypus67 reply These dumbass christian preachers find the devil in everything they want. Sooo freaking stupid!!
  • JaysTechTv reply maybe that guy is from the devil
  • CryptoAndMarkets reply Hispanics are like the greeks then. Hispanics biggest enemy are other Hispanics, greeks biggest enemy is other greeks
  • SeanShadowBlood reply Same shit they said about rock and in my area about gaming, makes me glad I opened my eyes and abandoned church long ago. The ironic thing is that sometimes, they do exactly what they condone on a daily basis, in my case, I had the priestess telling me rock is satanic when they were playing christian rock every fucking cult at least once lol I'm not going in a church ever again but this... this is like the next level of stupid, and I got a feeling a lot more levels are to come to stay on your toes lol
  • Cellblock776 reply I think the fidget spinners are just another stupid fad and I mock and ridicule anyone I see with one.
  • Dazzlinglatte reply I knew it!! You've been possessed by satan!! Sinner!! Sinner!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • InternetUnwind reply The pastor is also secretly a writer on SNL
  • becomebusy reply top entertainer, watch him as entertainer don't be serious.
  • redRomina reply Illuminati.
  • My_Weird_World reply So bulls and cows are evil jajaja ese pastor es un idiota.
  • POVincent reply I wouldn't be surprised if this pastor is also one of these people who believe there is a war on Christmas. Guys like this are only looking for attention, and if they can, to make a buck off it.
  • CrimsonCreative reply *Sarcasm* Wow, so if you're deaf you worship the devil? because that means 'I love you' in ASL. XD
  • Pewdhhhhhh reply We didn't need to see your "pussy eating" face
  • MaskofConflict reply Damn... now I almost want to get a fidget spinner. LOL I've never seen anyone do that hand gesture when using fidget spinners ever. I've seen plenty of "white power" hand gestures, but never "hail satan" ones. *wink-wonk*
  • Anonymous_Gamer reply Through the ages all kinds of religious leaders have tried to clam some kind of evil is related to a toy or whatever!!!
  • Iannis_Hour reply I dont have medical problems with my concentration but I still cant focous in school xD
  • [ – ] FawSya reply It's obviously been created with its 3 circular shape for hypnotism. It does make people act like retarded zombies(they already were, if they bought into this trend) The pastor seemed to mention that while someone is spinning that garbage, theyre also creating - with their fingers, the Devil horn sign. A.k.a the "connection" sign (ronnie james dio sign). It is a similar claim to someone claiming that the "Monster" energy drink is satanic, and they aren't wrong! Because the logo has 3 hebrew letters which signifies 6, couple them together it creates 666 in hebrew. Symbolism is huge in the occult and satanism(music group KISS, any metal group, etc). It shows loyalty to the secretive oath given to other brotherhood brothers. Society has sub-societies. If you can't fathom that this world is run by maniacs then I feel bad for you cause that's where we are after we used slaves and peasants to reach higher standards of living. So yeah. Hes not totally wrong, these devices are a waste of res...moreources, time and life. This is a Fuck you to the human intelligence, its not just kids playing with that its also the retarded goalless millennials. Think of what we could do with ourselves at this moment instead of fidgeting a plastic useless shit while 70% of the world lives in poverty. Satan is merely a metaphor for what is against God's principles which is to love thy neighbor and share. Our world is wicked and fabricating/glorifying useless garbage like this. It certainly not that bad, it IS a minor thing. BUT it is still "demonic" in nature, in the sense that it's FUCKING USELESS.
    • FawSya parent reply the fact I get no reply to atleast refute my craziness shows how people know nothing about the subject. It may seem a useless subject even a non-subject. Yet, handsigns are part of us, humans. Handsigns dont exist without us, when we do them, we create a symbol. The third finger connected to the thumb is supposedly Jesus Christ name in a hand symbol. Or simply, a blessing in a hand symbol. DO learn esotericism but DO NOT fall into occultism By shaking hands you share energies.Why wouldnt hand signs have power unto the subconscious when words have power?
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