Tired Derpy Cat

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  • nothing-in-the-fridge reply this video cured my crippling depression bless
  • MidrangeKEK reply Heil Styx, Heil Styx's cat! Praise Kek! We will destroy those feeble enough to stand to our might! SHADILAY!
  • BlueWillow reply Beautiful kitty.
  • OpulentMiracle reply I inherited a cat that looked just like that. Fond memories.
  • JamieG reply A video for Bastet the cat goddess
  • CamillaSweden reply Oh, Thats a sweet cat.. :) Mine is cream-yellow, spoiled rotten and starting to get deaf(or he's just ignoring me ;) ) I have never uploaded any video at all to put online, but I'll try to make one with my soon to be 17 year old, almost deaf cat.. He is snoring me out of my sleep.. He ALWAYS sleeps under my bed, under where my head is.. :/ And when I try to see something on TV, he snores so loud that I cannot even hear what they are saying on the program without disturb the neighbours. Not that it's so much to see anyway, but I wan't to hear what they are saying, what they are going to lie about now(now a lot on TV of the recent Stockholm terroristattack) Maybe I'll find the courage to do a video and put up. I have someolder ones filmed woth my old VERY old mobilephone, so the quality is not that great. It was from the same year that I lost my farm(due tue our politics that lead to my income went to zero, so I almost staved to death there in my little farm in Sweden. I got help frÃ...more¥n a few freinds and my grandmother to buy food for the animals(I had 3 OLD horses, a bunch of cats and a dog) It's soon 6 years ago, Still miss it everyday. //C
  • slimjimpui reply That's a nice old tibbs
  • Nekopolandball reply Omg your voice and your cat is curing my saddness, ;w;
  • Queer_Bird reply Run away kitty, He's a satanist! he'll cut you open to predict the future
  • kendrakane reply @Styxhexenhammer666 i saw the newest cat video. our pussies are wet now. we want more
  • LazyCook reply I'm sure cats get their incredible prowess from their ability to totally relax =.= zzzzzz
  • NarniaTheMaineCoon reply Love me a good pussy! :D
  • Kikazaru reply That cat is so fluffy and cute, oml, let me snuggle that cat-
  • TehManBob reply I'm a dog person myself but this cat is really sweet maybe one day I'll own a cat.
  • Lindenbree reply Omfg this is so adorable it hurts e_o
  • RoboLynx reply I didn't realize this was a Styxhexenhammer666 video when I first watched it.
  • TaktikalZef reply Unofficial Styx Discord Server: 8qJevwu Please let us know if this shilling is unwelcome, Styx.
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