Nintendo, Discontinuing The NES Classic Edition Is A HORRIBLE IDEA. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING?!?!

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  • SeaTactics reply It's great to see that you're on Vidme now, Rich. It's a little rough around the edges, but a great site and a good community. Enjoy the stay, and welcome!
  • IliasBoss reply fuck, I didn't know that you are on VidMe
  • JustHypeVibe reply Welcome to vidme! :D been watching your reviews eversince on yt.
  • RedTechEngineer reply Is this the real Richy? Call you back in an hour!
  • RandomEd787 reply The second I saw this video on vidme, I moaned at the top of my lungs.
  • When_you_see_Caitlyn_Jenner reply Nice to see you're on vidme bro!!!
  • Naturenerd1000 reply One of my favorite channels is now on vidme. :)
  • SpeakingOfGames reply Im still so dumbfounded by this decision, like wow, hey lets just discontinue something that people actually are buying. COS REASONS.
  • [ – ] ThePiratedReview reply Buy a raspberry pi with retro pi and get a case that looks like the nes. 60~70 bucks
  • jakeles19 reply Made an account just to upvote and follow you!
  • MrATAndreiThomas reply Well it's good to have you here on vidme but in my I think the NES Classic Edition looks pretty nice, the same goes for the Nintendo switch
  • Shockmouths reply SKIPPIDY BOP IM BAP DAP
  • Wolfer reply What the hell?! I left YouTube to get AWAY from you!
  • TheLightBad96 reply What did you expect, Nintendo is known for their shitty practices, they screw youtubers out of their dough, they don't meet the supply and demand when releasing stuff like the NES mini and they discontinue stuff like the NES mini even though lots of people still want one.
  • spiderfan_MJ reply Nintendo didn't expect the NES Classic to have any demand clearly. I get the sense that they were under the impression that only hardcore collectors would buy it and tide those people over until the Switch. Once there was more demand Nintendo was probably like "We are not going to manufacture a zillion of these things, the NES Classic wasn't even supposed to be that big of a deal". I would agree that this was not a great thought process.
  • [ – ] WillyMacShow reply HOLY SHIT RICH IS ON VIDME!!! I'm exclusively watching you here now. Thank you for becoming a vidizen :)
  • Trevgauntlet reply Nintendo doesn't think on the long run. Hell, the Virtual Boy lasted longer than the NES Classic. :/
  • SC87Returns reply Welcome to Vidme Rich, it awesome you finally decide to post here.
  • Kizzume reply I don't do consoles, my last console was the N64, but I had considered getting the NES Classic, though I do like to use emulators, emulators that Microsoft over the past month decided that they want to disallow for UWP, which is fine, I didn't use the UWP versions, but it's clear where Microsoft is going with this stuff. They're going to seriously piss off Steam and a number of other companies over the next year.
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