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  • [ – ] Rawman reply So sorry you are taking a break from being burnt out...but I understand. We are only human... I know you and link are doing a great job with vidme love and that represents a great part of content creating/vidme in general. I wish I was able to do things the same as you but I don't have the same elegance as a lot of people...you don't feel that you are getting anywhere. But believe it or not. You helped me when I first joined (to take it seriously) with an introduction to a positive person and community. You are still getting somewhere but helping loads of others. They just don't know how to express it right or you are burnt out and don't see it. I remember when I first started taking this platform seriously your video was one of the first I see and you are very positive and supportive of small channels/your friends. So make sure you try your best to get back on your feet and get to motivating the smaller channels again! You do it more elegantly and composed than a lot of others. W...moreell done for continuing to support others. Don't feel bad about being selfish on your hiatus to recover. A recovered you is best for all the people who you want to support. Come back stronger and more able to support. It's hard to keep giving and focus on your self like you said. Get well soon! Take care of your self!
    • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply Aw. Rawman, that was one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. I'm happy to know that there are those of you guys who do care about me and want me back. I am glad that I have helped paved the way for new creators and people who need that extra 'hug' in a sense to say "Hey, you'll be okay. Just do what you love to do on here." It means a lot to me that I helped you in the beginning on here. As for being burnt out, I never really felt this way before. I was getting tired of YT days, not burnt out yet just aggravated with YT. But I felt it here where I was giving all and just feeling weary. I still support all and help out with the community. Maybe after the hiatus, I will come back gradually. I want you to know that you are an awesome person even though some may not think so on here. You have done what you do and love, and I applaud you on that. I'm glad to hear from you again, Rawman. Thank you for all your encouraging words and wishes for a recovery from being burnt out. ^_^
      • Rawman parent reply We all have our reasons. We all have our methods and we all have our people who will disagree with both haha. But being ourselves is all we can be. And that we want best for everyone else is also all that matters. You accomplished more than you can see even though not might not always feel like it. So take your time. Get back to strength and take it from there.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply We just met but I hope you feel better. Take all the time you need :)
  • [ – ] duffy reply sorry to see you go jenn :( we built vidme to be a platform for fun, creativity, connection and communication...not to be a competition. bums me out to hear that you feel burned out. i hope you recharge and come back soon :)
    • AwesomeJenn parent reply It bums me out too that I was getting no where on here. When you feel like you are trying so hard to get things right and want to succeed. In the end of it, I finally saw that I wasn't getting much done. Maybe my long break will help me feel better in that. Thank you for your concern.
  • [ – ] Aaronshy reply I will try my best to try and spread the love. After all I still love this community. It's a shame you need to go on this hiatus but I understand so do what you must Jenn. You are always awesome.
    • [ – ] AwesomeJenn parent reply Aw. I may be gone in videos, but I always will check up on everyone on here. Support the 'troops'. I will also be on Twitch now for my summer streaming fun.
  • [ – ] linktheinformer reply I will always support you no matter what you do, Jenn. ❤️ You are the most inspirational person I know. It's because of you that I do what I do. I wouldn't be on Vidme if it wasn't for you, or to stream like I did. I understand we all need a break. Your positivity will continue to make Vidmelove wonderful. I will be there to join you on your future endeavours! STREAMING! All the ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!
  • Hoshi-Hana reply I'm so sorry to hear that Jenn! But it's really important to listen to your heart and take a break when needed. It would be terrible getting sick over something which is supposed to bring you energy and joy. You have been a helping hand to many here, including myself! You're so valuable to the community and Vidme Love - however never turn the back to your mental health ❤️❤️❤️ I hope to see you here again soon <333 Rest and have fun with streaming so you can recharge your batteries!
  • PoeticOldSoul reply Gurl, I don't blame you for taking a break, for I'm also taking a break too (I even made a vid about that too)...and yes, I'm seeing more and more favortism, a word I WISH I would've used in my latest vid, I just feel as though we got to work EXTRA hard to get that attention, and it sucks, so I don't blame you for feeling how you feel & taking a break, do it gurl & hang in there! *BIG HUGZ* #VidmeLove
  • [ – ] whako reply We all need breaks here and there. Hope you enjoy your hiatus and feel relaxed during it, while at the same time recharged for your future goals and striving goals good luck.
  • InsidesRusted reply Making videos & Playing videogames: It's always going to be worth the strife, even worth the try, in case you make somebody smile, laugh, cry, feel, find themselves, get back to Earth, or travel quite far from it. Thanks for letting this happen so often, for thinking of your fans and followers such a priority and feel like what they are: They are worth it.
  • EplxPro reply I would post both on youtube and vidme I dont get as much as you but im still going.
  • Roamancing reply Sorry to hear this. I hope you feel better after a bit of a hiatus, as I enjoy seeing you on here.
  • ZenGamesTV reply jenn i know everyone needs to take a break once in a while to get back into the proper head space, but please forgive me for asking... obviously you are leaving because certain expectations wernt met. can i ask what those expectations were?
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