#PizzaGate / #PedoGate - The UnAnswered Questions Documentary - Part 1

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  • Paradroid66 reply Hi Titus. I've been following you and others as you have all been doing a fantastic job covering #PizzaGate/PedoGate. Kudos to you all my friend. Im here just to clarify has your Part 2 on the unanswered questions been removed from you tube as Im sure l got it sent to my phone as l am a subscriber to your channel, but now it isn't there! Really enjoyed Part 1 so gutted if it has been taken down. I hope it's coming to vid.me bro.
  • Fengman reply Google Cannibalism in Google news, notice how many articles come up in the past 2 weeks very positive about it. The Guardian, Smithsonian, Jezebel, Newsday, Washington Post...and a candid Netflix serie The Santa Clarita Diet. Are being Soften up?
  • islandnites reply Thx Titus for keeping up on this - Why we are allowing children to be systematically raped / tortured & murdered is beyond me!!! Human DNA in Fast Food meat? Hmmmmmmmmm? Figiure it folks - Podesters / Elefantis / Clintons need to be exposed - face judgement. Washington DC nearly as many missing children as entire state of California. Madeline McCann was an innocent beautiful little child ! ! ! Tortured and murdered for what reason??? I'm going to projectile vomit now . . .
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