Kong: Skull Island - Movie Review

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  • AyVee1138 reply Apologies for the inconvenient spoiler, although there is a clear, long warning, it's hard to tell where to skip to on this platform. It's only a few seconds of spoilers after the warning is gone, so if you still like to continue, just skip waaaaay ahead, cheers.
  • [ – ] UltraShabby reply I'll have to check this out really soon. Probably a rental but looks fun. Btw, AyVee1138, When it pops up and says "Spoilers, Skip to 1:59" It's a bit hard to find out where that is because Vidme counts down and whatnot so I had to stop watching or risk finding spoilers by searching at the end. I'm assuming this was made for YT first. Good vid otherwise.
  • RowRegen reply very good review
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