Nerd Central Update: Starting Vidme

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  • [ – ] AlwaysTeaTime reply Hey NerdCentral glad to find you on vidme i hope you enjoy the community here and awesome video's man keep it going! :)
    • [ – ] NerdCentral parent reply thanks! I'm loving the community so far! It seems to be much more active than the Youtube one! It's a breath of fresh air!
      • [ – ] AlwaysTeaTime parent reply i agree it is so much nicer being here i have made so many connections with people and everyone seems so friendly! its why small things work so much people have a chance to get to know each other!
        • NerdCentral parent reply For sure. And I like how vidme actually gives smaller channels a chance to be noticed. It's like they actually care about all content creators and not just the already big ones.
  • [ – ] DGTLONE reply Great video YouTube is for sure hot news right now and i hope it starts to fade cause there's a'lot more important things the news could be covering than this . Also i feel ya on the try new options i'm also a YT creator but the politics are getting out of hand so i too have started to look elsewhere. I'm glad i came across your channel here . Peace DGTLONE
    • NerdCentral parent reply yeah, all the crazy stuff going on and the news is worried about youtube creators. I am really liking the vidme platform right now and I like how they are supporting creators.
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