YetiDraws - Necron Phaerakh (Warhammer 40k Fan Art)

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Wow!!! This is actually amazing!!! Some outstanding art right here.
    • [ – ] SexualYeti parent reply Thank you! That means a lot! ^^
      • [ – ] Rawman parent reply Man i honestly didn't expect that level of skill lol. The art style is really interesting i know your profile says you like butts and boobs haha (don't we all). Man it was pleasure to actually witness. Do you typically only do this style and these types of characters? Do you do Nintendo characters in a less sexual style? Not that a twerking donkey Kong would not be sexy as hell!!!
        • [ – ] SexualYeti parent reply I have done a few Nintendo characters, but I have never really had much interest in Nintendo to really make a lot of it however. I mostly do erotic stuff because my fulltime work is very squeaky clean and this serves as a good cartharsis. Thank you for the interest.
          • Rawman parent reply I understand that and don't worry i love the art it's fantastic. Just was hoping our interests would be similar lol
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