Mario Kart Retrospective- Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with Benchez

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  • ShinyBigBoo reply This game is just fantastic!! Complete Mariokart experience. I'd dabbled in the Wii iteration and have had access to 8 for several months, but have really gotten into it now that it's on the Switch! I love recognizing courses from the SNES & N64 games. Even the music is the same - just textured with big band highlights!! Lovin it. The battle mode keeps me coming back. Online functionality is exactly as you portrayed - nonsense disconnects, forced spectation... but get into a match and the game is quite smooth. Mobile and console experience are equally enjoyable - even tabletop splitscreen 2-player is good. Maybe I'll review this game on my channel... I just want to experience it alongside the app first... I'm surprised your videos haven't generated more discussion here on vidme, @Benchez!! I love your stuff. I haven't watched much of it yet, but I'm playing MK8 while I listen. Look for S. Big Boo - that's me!! >:D
  • JimsGamingChannel reply DEEELUXE! Looks good dude, I'll have the game some day :(
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