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  • [ – ] Rawman reply Ok I change my mind. HAVE A REALLY BORING DAY! HA!!!! No I kid, nothing but love. I'm glad to call you my friend and I hope you have the best day possible. Happy birthday.
  • [ – ] CrazyRocky reply HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL MAN I HOPE UR 22ND BIRTHDAY IS AWESOME AND WE ALL LOVE U DANIEL (god I feel young compared to people on this site HA ROASTED)
  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply @itsOnlyRawman stop bullying @danielamann xD He deserves to have a special day today! I hope your birthday is on Feb, 29th, you will neither have a special or regular day you 6 yr old baby! ;P LOL
  • [ – ] AmandaFood reply Happy Birthday! @itsOnlyRawman hey hope YOU have a regular day on your birthday. (I really don't, have a happy birthday on your birthday!)
  • [ – ] theoldsparrow reply Happy Birthday! That time thing only goes faster as you get older. 25 is a big year too even though you don't get anything life changing it will make you reflect on your life and I've had a few friends go through their mid 20s life crisis around turning 25. One friend who was really freaked out about it kind of rushed into marriage with a girl but they seemed happy last time I ran into them. 30 just feels old but you get over it. :D
    • danielamann parent reply Wow I can't even imagine 25 right now! That feels like it's so far away even though I know it's not! I can't believe how fast it's all going by! Thanks for the well wishes for my birthday =D and thanks for the tip my friend! I appreciate you!!!
  • [ – ] MADDMASTA reply Happy Birthday, and enjoy another year of happiness! Also @itsOnlyRawman , he only gets his special day once a year. Just let him have it. (All in good fun, right? ;)
  • [ – ] Horsin_Around reply Happy Birthday! Have a great day! 😊 Love you!
  • [ – ] BrassCandy reply EEEYYY NOW YOU CAN DRINK!!! 😂 22 is a Taylor Swift song so at least you have that. ;) Happy Birthday!
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Happy birthday!!! The next milestone is 25! Car Insurance goes down a lot! But then it's just like... well, what's next? Lol Hope you're enjoying your day!!! <3 @itsOnlyRawman I'm just sorry I didn't do this earlier and contributed the the many notifications you must have gotten! Hahahahahahhaha!!!! I could always make multiple comments and totally spam ya myself but I'm going to be nice lol What was I supposed to say to him? ... I forgot .. Oh well. #fuckyourawman #butistillloveyourawman
    • [ – ] Rawman parent reply hahaha that hash tag though. yeah it was a pretty hectic day of replying to notifications on my latest video.... i mean daniels. now i know his struggle. #EndTheDailyHarassmentShow
    • [ – ] danielamann parent reply Oh yeah I need to turn 25!!! I want to be able to rent cars too! I forgot about that! Can't do that until then right??? It's been a great day =D Get Rawman! Hahahaha!!! Regular day birthday wishing guy
  • [ – ] sarah reply happy birthday! 22 is a fun age imo because you're no longer the youngest legal age (in america)
  • [ – ] AxxL_Afriku reply happy fake bday (no proof for it being real)
  • [ – ] Voxgizer reply Happy birthday from all of us over here, buddy! Yes, time does seem to pass a hell of a lot faster the older you get lol @itsOnlyRawman just mad because @danielamann has more receipts than anyone else on VidMe. lol
  • [ – ] MrJoelDee reply Happy Birthday Daniel! 🎂 Hope it's an awesome day. @itsOnlyRawman Everyone deserves to be treated special on their Birthday because each one of us are special period. By the sheer grace of God, we were created and allowed to be a part of this great thing we call life. That alone is worth celebrating, and being allowed to feel special. The world is a better place with Daniel in it because he brings great talent to our community in being able to produce the daily content that he is so good at. Today is a day to celebrate those God given talents and achievements too.
  • [ – ] DragoNate reply @itsOnlyRawman Someone deserves more than a regular day on their birthday because they need something to make them feel younger while they're really getting older :)
  • [ – ] Bobtoronto reply Was that a dab? Daniel dabbin' on his birthday. I love it! I think that should have been the title. Happy Birthday to a really terrific guy :)
  • [ – ] crissymoss reply Also, you should let @itsOnlyRawman that a birthday is a wonderful day to celebrate being alive, and enjoying love and laughter with friends and family. Sure, you can do that any day, but it's a bit special on your birthday because you get to celebrate how many years you've enjoyed doing it.
  • [ – ] The_World_of_RipX reply Happy Birthday Brother!!
  • [ – ] Idlemind reply Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a great day!
  • [ – ] rileyroo253 reply I know we don't know each other but happy birthday
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