The Blowhorn of Virtue | The Sincerity of the Cause

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  • [ – ] Dr-Despair reply Rebeca who? lol
  • [ – ] screamityeah reply SJW in a way its like Religion, they are easily manipulated by con artists
  • Minister_Peaceful_Poet reply This might sound stupid to you, maybe it won't, I'll give it a shot. All of us want attention, all of us, even you. That's right, I got a mouse in my pocket, that goes we, we, we. God breathed into us the breath of life. No other animal on this earth received this breath of life. Only we did, and this is what makes us different from all the other animals on this earth. This breath of life is a piece of the universe (God). Each one of us has a different piece and no two pieces are alike. Because these pieces of the universe are separated, there is an urge for us to join together. This is why all of us want attention from others. I'm new to vidme, I came here because of you. A video you made on youtube complaining about youtube with a link to here. I just got verified and made my first video. Its no where near as good as any of your videos. Maybe I will learn these special effect things as I go on. I am also angry at youtube so I'm moving here. Check out my stuff if yo...moreu ever get bored, I'd appreciate that. Thanks, Roger
  • [ – ] StCerberusEngel reply Hmm, should I make the obvious comment about Girly being a fox? Shouldn't need to be said, but it's right there...oh well, why not? Low hanging fruit is sometimes the most delicious. :)
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