One Hour from Now [speech to Erkenbrand]

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  • feroxmill reply This speech is absolutely amazing. You are hitting all the points about the future I have been thinking about. But more than anything, you have inspired me a lot. Thanks. Now let’s get down to work!!!
  • Broomfondle reply You seem more hopeful than I. I see us as far to isolated, marginalised, afraid,communities, churches & pubs destroyed, even online meeting places surveilled by the Stasi, all the while, non whites enjoy all the benefits of billions of Saudi petro-dollars invested throughout Europe in their Mosques & Community centres,supported & encouraged by the state. Perhaps there is hope,but i don't see it, I see the rape of our children, their indoctrination via state approved "education", the arrests of people for daring to utter words or phrases, 4 terrorism related arrests following Manchesters' terrorist attacks....3,400+ for offensive Tweets in the UK. I suspect it could be as simple as deals done for oil,decades ago,now becoming visible, "You want our oil, Convert!" The odds are against us it seems.
  • Wolfskinz reply Amazing speech
  • TheSeagullSays reply I never realised you were a futurist
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