Islamic Domestic Abuse is Beautiful According to Victims - Muslim Women Virtue Signal Domestic Abuse

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  • [ – ] smoothcc reply What's even worse is this isn't even extreme islam. Most muslims hold this believe. Talk about stock home syndrome for these women.
    • smithpolly parent reply smoothcc : I don't know why it's left out in this video but if you see the end of the video where the two women are talking, they explain that they think the beating is symbolic and should only be done with a small stick the size of a toothbrush and it shouldn't cause any pain. .......... Because a lot of Muslims now live in societies where wifebeating is not considered acceptable, and presumably a lot of Muslims themselves don't consider wife beating to be acceptable, they end up tying themselves up in knots trying to explain that a passage in the Quran that says it's OK for a man to beat his wife isn't actually saying that it's OK for a man to beat his wife.
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