The Runner (Ep. 14) - Battlefield 1 - Knight's Tales

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  • SalBerry reply The campaign looks less stressful than multiplayer for sure XD
  • xEverydayJohnx reply i know that one of then is going to die like really die
  • MeloDotty reply There's something very...I dunno. Quaint? Classic? About a modern shooter set in the old days? Not as far back as Farcry: Primal thank goodness. This is about the perfect amount of wayback machine, right here. Bolt action rifles. Dogfights with those oldenstyle planes. Something I could sink many hours into. Till one of those 14 year old mouthy fuckers starts shooting off. -_-;
  • duffy reply the campaign was hard for me because it was really difficult to tell who is and isn't on your side.
  • Androo_NR_Gaming reply A whole field to run around and mow people down? Send in the Agent of Karma!
  • Directionally_Challenged reply look at you gettin in on the trending page like some kind of amazing guy~!
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