HowISeeTheWorld Exposed

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  • IOnlySpkTheTruth reply Michael Rezneki is a troll and makes videos targeting legitimate truth tellers. He has a mental illness so please don't take anything he says to be credible. Thank you!
  • stacyskywatch reply troll4truth maybe you to should be posting the truth instead of posting mindless fluff,, to much mindless fluff in this world keeping the very narrow minded sheep stupid and focused away from the things they should be focused on ,,
  • stacyskywatch reply ye because everything is FAKE and this guy is fantastic at proving these hoaxes,, only brainwashed idiots that can not see whats taking place with all the FAKE TERROR and the creeeping new world order,,
  • Last-Call reply And what exactly is this video supposed to expose? Your small balls?
  • mofanta reply Robin for President, who ever made this video obviously eats shit in his spare time fuck this video and fuck this troll that made it
  • marathonfortruth reply You are not thinking clearly. The hoaxes HISTW has spoken about are very surely hoaxes. You are misleading people and therefore you are on the wrong side.
  • The-Chosen-One- reply Your vid sucks and proves nothing ....what a clown you are
  • Troll4Truth reply This video will never go away. This guy has been exposed. He calls everything fake and then harasses the actual victims.
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