Drama Meets Hype: DAA Show Episode 5 (Part 3)

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  • DownRightGames reply It's cool lol yea this was one of my bad episodes I did had a hard time coming up with words lol
  • Rawman reply I hope this doesn't come across wrong but i just want to offer a bit of constructive feedback. Please take this as constructive feedback. I haven't slept very well so i might word it a bit wrong lol. Being like "i dunno" "ehh urm" "i didn't listen to the interview" saying I didn't really pay much attention to the story is really not a good way to start a discussion on this topic. There is a lot of bias and i get it people struggle to just report the facts especially when they don't have them all. Again sorry if this offends or comes across wrong i just want to offer some feedback because you might only appeal to people seeking one side of the discussion which isn't fair.
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