An Introduction to Our Online Course in Building and Engaging Digital Communities (BCST 1073 at BCIT)

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  • [ – ] thy_koosk reply This sounds pretty cool!
    • Roamancing parent reply Thanks. I really enjoy teaching it, and seeing how the participants apply the knowledge to their storytelling.
  • [ – ] MUMS-Universe reply This is pretty interesting. Also where are you with all the snow?
    • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply Thanks. I enjoy teaching this. I filmed this video on a previous offering of the course, when it was being offered in the winter.
      • [ – ] MUMS-Universe parent reply Ok, cool (Get it? Cool.) I'll keep an eye out on your postings on this. A lot of people here on should find this subject matter appealing.
        • [ – ] Roamancing parent reply *groaning* I hope so. We love helping people to grow their stories and storytelling further. Always makes me smile to see how uniquely different people can apply the same information.
          • MUMS-Universe parent reply lol... I agree. There's something about sharing information & seeing how everyone processes & applies that info differently.
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