Republicans oppose gay marriage for neo nazis and white supremacists

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  • [ – ] Unhipalmond360 reply Once again Charlton, you make some interesting points and leave us with some interesting questions.
  • [ – ] Ghawk reply I want to know what direction your video is going in? Second Dr. Ben Carson, Supreme Court Justice Clarance Thomas, Senator Tim Scott, former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley, and Senator Marco Rubio are all non-whites and Republicans, so how does that support the argument that Republicans support Neo-Nazis and white supremacists?
    • Charlton parent reply Ghawk thanks for asking for sure. I wasn't saying Republicans support neo nazis. I am a republican libertarian. I was railing against the hypocrisy of many republicans back-stabbing Trump. While they're outraged at Trump's comments, even though he NEVER was supporting white supremacists etc. the republican party platform opposes gay marriage which is kinda bigotry. I'm not some advocate for gay marriage, but I do think it's only fair. I'm married, to a woman btw (a real woman). And then the Bushes, I supported the Iraq war more or less but in hindsight it was a huge dumb mistake that only made things way worse and tons of people are dead, including many US soldiers and beyond probably in the millions, but George and Jeb Bush are going to lecture Trump about his words for something he had nothing to do with, Charlottesville. Again thanks for commenting, we probably agree somewhat, either way it's all good. Charlton
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply Hey they are consistent, you got to give them credit. But the again, Neo Nazis should not be gay, according to their rhetoric.
  • pinkyyusra reply o-o Charlton , Hey , Would you like too tell me how to confirm email ? I'm confused.
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