My Thoughts on The George Soros Petition

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  • respawn reply Heck, if Soros is a terrorist, the US state department, and the US army definitely are too. I feel they all are though.
  • phainesthai reply I hope that these types of labeling tactics are ultimately unsuccessful. Society needs a simple, singular definition for terrorism. It's our best defense against state abuse of the concept. Look what they've done with the Patriot act in only 16 years. If we normalize and encourage this against the left, it will get even worse for the right.
  • TheTrue reply Terrorist, not really. Guilty of Sedition, probably. I signed it anyway.
  • respawn reply Soros does lay out the strategies for the destabilization projects, both in USA and other places like the color-revolutions in Ukraine and other places. So he's just as much a terrorist as Osama Bin Laden and the like. So I find the terminology is quite fitting.
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