Weekend Vlog | Ferrets and Relaxing

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Phew, I was expecting 9mins of ferrets, but cool you went out to a packed restaurant for lunch 🙃 did a drawing. Whats up with Vidme vloggers, they can all draw. I watched @MeetingSkylar video https://vid.me/XB5V and I can't even do that. Oh I need to do an outro, have to be part of the in crowd yes. Still new at this!
    • amberthest parent reply Haha! I have a hard time trimming footage of my ferrets! They're just too cute... And I dont know man, Ive been into art since before I can remember xD If you really want to draw, do it, you don't have to show anyone. Ill be doing videos in the future showing my really old sketchbooks, they are full of cringe. About the outro, like a year ago or something i was like "i need to do that.." and thought up different possibilities until i found one that was okay. I feel like I'm still new at this too! (Even though ive been vlogging since 2016-2015)
  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Those are cute little critters! They're very frolicky. The picture you were drawing would make a good cover for a book. The blue hair is cool. Can't wait to see what color comes next! Thanks for sharing your life with us. Good job!
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