Which Phone Should I Get?

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  • [ – ] KinTailFox reply I have to say the Galaxy S7 Edge or the S8+ Pretty good phones with nifty tools for camera work and on device editing. Its basically my plan for facecam till I can afford a real camera.
    • [ – ] Lior parent reply I've heard (and seen) some pretty nice things about the S8+'s camera. Great looking photos and videos. How are they for other stuff, though? I mean, the camera is important, but I'm looking for a solid daily driver.
      • [ – ] KinTailFox parent reply Well, with everything from the Dex add-on to the first device with Gorilla glass 5, it's a pretty decent device. I got mine about two weeks ago. I run most of my channel off of my phone and basically only use my pc for thumbnails, editing and uploads but I have to say it's quite a solid phone. The battery under heavy use lasts me at least a full day at work and quick charging saves my butt a lot.
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply LG V20 is best phone for vloggers and videographers link: http://amzn.to/2qSFlzA
  • [ – ] CapnMintbeard reply I have a Galaxy S7, and Samsung has ironed out most of the issues from the previous generations like the S5 you have. Huawei and Xiaomi are Chinese phones, I didn't know you could even get them here so I can't really speak to them. As far as getting an iPhone goes, I don't recommend it for a few reasons. 1- if you are already used to Android then its going to be a learning curve and Apple is more restrictive then Android as far as what you can do with the phone (installing unknown apps, etc.) 2- My friends, family, co-workers, and end users my IT department supports all report issues with iTunes losing their files or music, and older generation iPhones are frequently broken when updates come out for the newer ones (almost all of the iPhone 5's we have at my job were bricked when an update pushed after the 7 was launched). Whether this is sloppy work by Apple, or Apple passive-aggressively forcing people to upgrade, either way if you get an iPhone expect to keep having to buy the newest...more one. If you are tired of Samsung, Motorola and LG also make good Android phones.
    • Lior parent reply Thank you! Before my S5 I had an iPhone 4, which worked wonderfully for a good 3 years or so, until it started slowing down on me in multitasking and games (which I used to play, not so much anymore, I prefer gaming on my PC these days). As far as the OS goes, I kinda prefer iOS to Android mostly because of the elegance and flow of things. I know that you can do a lot less on iOS, and being able to access my files on Android is something I'd probably miss if I switched, but who knows. One of my friends has recommended the S7 to me already, and now I have another one from you. I'll keep it in mind :)
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