Manga Review: Yamada and the Seven Witches

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  • [ – ] Reasanka reply the authors other work yankee-kun to megane-chan suffered from the same problem of not ending when it should've done although hiro mashima's work doesn't always have the best writing structure, but oh well, here's hoping they'll both learn from their previous works for their next series' XD fun fact - this was the 2nd manga i ever read, 1st was Magi also you pronounced shiraishi wrongly XD it's shi-rai-shi isntead of shira-ishi sorry for the very small nitpick XD idk why that was bugging me haha
    • [ – ] SeaTactics parent reply Funny think about her name. That's how I said it in my head, even when writing it. I'm just a big ol' dumb when it comes to pronunciation of Japanese names. As for Yankee-kun, I just don't want to it at all after Yamada. Felt like I got burned with the surprise 200+ chapters and the seemingly never ending story. I'm not too familiar with Hiro Mashima though.
      • [ – ] Reasanka parent reply yankee to megane is worth checking out, atleast the first 80 or so chapters i'd probably say, i can't remember where exaclty it tailed off, but it took me a while after i finished yamada before i could read her other work XD hiro mashima almost suffers from the opposite problem, to tell the story of fairy tail properly you'd need as many chapters as naruto or one piece, but we'll be ending by chapter 546 he builds up hype really well and some of the characterisation is pretty good, but then so much is rushed to fit into a single chapter and skipped over not to mention the friendship powerups and poor explanations/excuses for certain events fairy tail could've easily been the next one piece if he just took some time to do it properly :( such a shame since there's alot of good elements to fairy tail too
        • SeaTactics parent reply Friendship powerups are my life! I may check it out in the future, but I just get the feeling that her stuff is more on the "same" side. Which isn't bad, but I just don't know if I can read her works back to back. That's interesting to hear about Hiro Mashima though, I have never read the Fairy Tail manga and I didn't really enjoy the anime as I felt Naruto was more my style.
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