The Origin of Humanity: Europe or Africa? Patchy Forest, Semiaquatic, Jungle, etc?

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  • [ – ] Trap_Luverz reply The out of Africa theory is widely accepted because it's much more than "hey we found the oldest human fossils" there so it must be true. It's the amount of old fossils discovered there, with many of the "missing links" discovered there. The out of Africa theory really holds it's weight because of many pieces of evidence, not just a few old fossils. There is also DNA evidence.
    • [ – ] SkogComplex parent reply The DNA evidence has a lot of guesswork when you get to groups like the hypothetical A00 and A000, though there are groups like the Mbo that have pre-sapien antiquity in their male line (they are themselves sapiens, alive today, but their lineage is much older) As to pre-sapiens populations , or pre-homo genus population, there is no solidity to African primacy.
      • [ – ] Trap_Luverz parent reply They can trace us back to a single African woman ( Mitochondrial Eve) and we are all descendants of her. Everyone alive today have an unbroken Mitochondrial DNA line passed from mother to offspring. We almost certainly come from East Africa specifically. China teaches in their school system (even today) that they evolved separately from the rest of the world...their children are taught that, despite the fact that China's scientist have concluded that they too...just like everyone else on the world can be traced back to Mitochondrial Eve.
        • [ – ] SkogComplex parent reply You're still back in 92. There were seven lines from the 'Eve' you mention, btw. There are several things you have to keep in mind. First, there is a huge difference between the first bi-pedal hominid, or , more accurately, bipedal primate, which this article is about, and the first homo sapiens line, which is millions of years later. The issue is also with male lines and female lines, which don't have the same convergence, and whether or not a hypothetical African mitDNA origin is even itself originally from Africa , or was an into Africa from Asia migration. Many have certainly internalized the 90's era dogma on this (hearing things lots of times tends to make one think it's 'gotta be true), but , unlike archeology, genetics has come a long way from the 90's, and its' even difficult to keep up with it week to week now. It's not that the mitDNA thing excludes Africa either, but as with most children's stories, the truth is more complicated and uncertain. I know people in the schools...more and dumb-down media like the just-so children's story, but they need to grow up a little at some point.
          • Trap_Luverz parent reply I hear you but like I said it's many many pieces of evidence as to why the out of Africa theory holds it's weight even today..not just the DNA evidence. It's the amount of fossils which are the oldest fossils found of modern human. Africa also has the most variation in bone structure and face shape than any other place on Earth. There has been no new evidence yet (or very few new evidence) that suggest anything different. The DNA evidence is still solid. Sorry I was talking about where modern humans come from not if the first bipedal ancestors first originated from Africa or not. It would take a lot of evidence to even begin flirting with the idea of modern humans originating someplace else. It would be like someone denying human evolution, although there is way more evidence for human evolution.
  • greymist224 reply Many videos get stuck midway while playing on vidme. This doesn't happen on You Tube. Anyone experiencing the same problem?
  • userXVI reply Have I recently mentioned how much I apreciate Your opinion?
  • whitezombie reply The first hominids were actually green amphibians. The ancestors of the modern KEKISTANIS. Who the hell cares were we started from? The question is were the hell are we going?
  • Popart2015 reply Homo start to became black when Homo Habilis lost his hair... So, Homo was originally white!
  • StolenMoment reply My theory: Proto-humans spread from Africa to the entire old world. The evolved [bred?] Europeans returned to Africa and displaced the remnants of the original lines. A couple of asteroid hits later the purification was completed.
  • wolfalexzemla reply liberals evolved from monkeys. but not by very much
  • wolfalexzemla reply out of africa is nothing more than liberal racism
  • wolfalexzemla reply encino man HOMO LIBERALIS is the missing link
  • wolfalexzemla reply If humans evolved then why don't we like eating bugs.
  • [ – ] I3UTM reply When we go back further than 200,000 plus years, human evolutionary history begins somewhat murky. Focusing on not where we come from but how we moved and journeyed throughout the world is not so much in question as question here in this documentary:
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