Where to Get Lego Dimensions Packs for 1 Dollar

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  • [ – ] SellerThink reply I thought about getting those when I saw them, but i forgot to check their value later.
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply 99 cents lol
      • [ – ] SellerThink parent reply I know, I was thinking, wow that's really cheap for legos, but I mainly buy to resell, so it has to be something that is going to sell fast and give me enough profit to pay for my time, packing materials, listing, taking them to the USPS for shipping and not time up my money. So yep, I have to check the resell value even if its 99 Cents. I still have a ton of $50 tied up is some of those 99 cents awesome deals that have been sitting in inventory for two - three years. LOL Including Sesame Street Nintendo DS Hard Cases, Nintendo DS Lite power adapter kits and Nintendo DSI Led Lights. Happens!
  • [ – ] Tai_Moya reply 99 cents store saving lifes!
  • [ – ] MrCupofFail reply If you google LEGO Dimensions 99 cents then go to image, the amount of them is unreal. This obviously gonna happen to year 2 of dimensions as well and will damage LEGO badly. Which is why I 100% believe that the "rumor" of Dimensions cancellation is not a rumor but true.
    • [ – ] GamerRaf parent reply It makes sense. Maybe they are trying to get rid of their old merchandise. I don't know if they bring year 2 but either way the price is insane.
      • [ – ] MrCupofFail parent reply If they try to get rid of their old merchandise in prices like these at 99 cent stores, not to mention that with licensing fee, both LEGO and TT Games would make $0 off them. Year 2 it more of depending on how much have been sold, because with what we have seen with year 1, they have obviously overstock right out of the gate, rather then waiting to see how it goes until stocking a lot more, if they have sold extremely well that is. Because note that the amount in 99 cent store aren't a normal batch of a few, it's the amount that you could make a army with.
        • GamerRaf parent reply Lol true. Who knows what will happen. I personally think that Dimensions packs are way over priced. Especially, when they sell a character and a vehicle for $15. But that's just me. I'll be interesting to see what happens next.
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