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  • [ – ] afrifilmcritic reply dude you are bitter and angry, its just sad to see you like this, like a jilted lover never complained when you were enjoying all that attention, FYI there has been peace on vidme since you left, even rocky and rawman have left that drama shit they even openly said that they cant vouch for you since they dont know all the facts, what im seeing now is that vidme was right to deverify you because you are toxic, say whatever you want but you had it coming, praise youtube all you want you know you would never be as relevant on youtube as you were on vidme, and even the so called big youtubers you feel support you would soon abandon you because nobody sticks on a sinking ship and in the end everybody is on their own... has more fake views than vidme FYI, vidme is too small for your cancer drama so please delete your account and MOVE ON, this bitching you are doing is PATHETIC, Duffy has forgotten you existed even
  • [ – ] Boobe2007 reply Has anyone else noticed on the web browser unverified creators have the entire YouTube interface present including all the YouTube logos and closed captioning
    • Kentantino parent reply In youtube they dont block you as a creator they maybe idiots wont denied that, but at least you have all the fetured since day one and if you want to upload longer stuff you just valided you email boom done. In here everything is a privilege you may have to pray to the gods of vidme....
  • Shut_Up_Buddy reply I would love to see my analytics. lol This is just for fun to me. I know that this will never be a job for me unfortunately. lol I see 2 of my videos in your video. Awesome!! DRAMA4LIFE!!!
  • [ – ] ZTV_Productions reply What an interesting beast this vidme is turning out to be. Theories will have to be tested, but I can vouch for the upvote "glitch". Screen shotted a video that had 224 upvotes, but only 125 views. How does that even work?
    • [ – ] Kentantino parent reply No idea but I have show this and people still dont believe me they think im a liar lol just look at the comment from here.
      • ZTV_Productions parent reply You'll always have non-believers, but it doesn't stop truth from being truth if it's truth. I should warn you about You Tube though. It lies about numbers (and a lot more) too. It's just more sophisticated.
  • [ – ] substatic258 reply Well this was disheartening.
  • [ – ] Common-Tater_follows_back reply lol, all of your vidme videos were bashing them
    • [ – ] Common-Tater_follows_back parent reply the fact is you got to big for your britches, your gaming videos didnt sdo shit for views, your only ones that did good were your bashing vidme videos, i only dont agree with you because i hate people who call others content trash, when their videos are just as trash, i dont agree for one second what they did to you, but you brought it on yourself, you said you did so many videos for them..LOL you did them cause your a view whore, thats why this is driving you crazy and you cant stop talking about it
      • Kentantino parent reply I have always do commentaries videos no one has told you to come and check the videos you don't like someone bitching don't look at the videos at least I'm not sucking their cock like you are doing lol and look who talking of view whore doing videos of vidme to see if the gods see his video for attention lol
    • Kentantino parent reply or you just another white knight of vidme
  • [ – ] lambdog76 reply So you don't want to keep talking like Fez even though I said it was a good idea? Everybody needs a gimmick. Are you saying the link view glitch is intentional?
    • [ – ] lambdog76 parent reply If true that would seriously suck. Here's the thing, if I am not getting views or upvotes on my content, I learn that I need to change my content if that is what I genuinely want, otherwise you are trying to base an approach on bad information.
    • Kentantino parent reply and yes but at the same time i really need to fix my English if i want people taking me serious
    • Kentantino parent reply yup to make the site look good them their self one time admit it that the do the fake upvotes and views so people get get pump lol
  • [ – ] bononoz1 reply Dude, that view exploit is scummy af.
    • Kentantino parent reply yeah and that what they make you think when do your account you think you winning real views when you are not. that why i just when back to youtube and dumb my stuff here.
  • ThatsEon reply Woah, I got that split few seconds of action when my comment appeared in the video. Bless up.
  • LoreReloaded reply I think you have some decent points in the end. The biggest would be the use of links to boost up the watch time. Although, I've never seen it translate to actual views on my side.. even if I got it up to stayed at 5 (or how many ever) lower.. I wonder if it just counts it wrong on the live side? I do hope analytics come out, I would enjoy seeing how people watch the stuff and for how long. I don't agree on all the things you say - but I do hope they fix that view bug..
  • [ – ] Thebigjewishbear reply xd, porque me aparece la barra de youtube?
  • [ – ] LoreReloaded reply I was wondering when this would get over here, I haven't seen it yet - but I imagine its what you discussed with me on the views. I'll be interested to see it.. Though, My research shows that even though the views get up there, it doesnt' reflect on whats been seen ultimately.. They don't seem to count on the 'viewed' after they dissapate. I don't know, I'll watch your video soon
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