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  • [ – ] Edgewood reply At this rate, I may need to take a break for awhile, the heartburn's getting a bit too much. Still, it's sounding like homeschooling is becoming more and more useful-though around here in the States, there's hints that feminism is trying to dig its nails into homeschooling courses. I've got nothing solid, but the hints in my niece's schooling is worrying. Keep up the work, Suit, and I'll see where this goes. if it's true...no form of education is safe anymore.
    • GAConyers parent reply Please do homeschool. I've been working with that community as a science and math tutor, and they are more normal than the public school kids we also work with. Doesn't matter if they are religious ir secular, either. They are just better folks.
  • Leadhead reply Being born white, and further if your a male, in western culture today, you are the most disadvantaged , period. You will have absolutely no affirmative action, hell even your car insurance rates will be the highest. Any other race or being female, you will have far better opportunities for advancement.
  • Turbo_Spice reply 'Block it like a petulant man child!!' I think I know who your next hater's gonna be!!
  • AceAcer2 reply Ha the fabulous feminism paradox - "equality" and "the betterment" of all women" in all its narratives but yet everything it does removes women's agency and spreading lies. The 3rd and 4th waves only exist to destroy society and they have nothing to do with "equality" anymore.
  • userXVI reply Didnt I just see You on Youtube (how to see it from a Feminist perspective?) Go back to reddit
  • 5echo2 reply Down Under is going, well, down under.
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