Astro A50 Wireless Gaming Headset Unboxing

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  • [ – ] MsLynn reply I would get a pair but they are so expensive!! Happy Birthday!!!
  • [ – ] Ms_K reply thats wasssup!!! Happy birthday FBG!!!
    • [ – ] Str8upreviewsEXP parent reply Thank you Ms k
      • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @thefatboygamer you're so welcome, how have u been doing.I haven't really been on YT at all this week...Been over here more!
        • [ – ] Str8upreviewsEXP parent reply Me to and I just been working late overnights and been to tired to do any videos. I'm off tomorrow tho so I may do some videos.
          • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @thefatboygamer I actually enjoy posting them here the community is so engaging and I like that...DO what u can, make sure u take care of "YOU" first...
            • [ – ] Str8upreviewsEXP parent reply YOUTUBE has really changed because it seems like the YouTube channels are much harder to get out there, I've noticed that. It's like the harder you work to get your videos out there it doesn't reach ou there, Maybe it's the gaming community that isn't so popular anymore
              • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @thefatboygamer yeah gaming is oversaturated on YT.Plus w/all that copyright sh*t t is making it harder to get noticed.
                • [ – ] Str8upreviewsEXP parent reply You're right shit Ms k it's strange that we do topics on recent new games and stuff and the videos won't reach at least up to 1000 hits. I do unboxing's on new games and get low views and others get like 700 or more, I'm like what the heck it going on
                  • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @thefatboygamer exactly its crazy and frankly If I get more followers and engagement over here I will not upload to yt anymore.I'll keep that channel open but won't use it much if at all.
                    • [ – ] Str8upreviewsEXP parent reply I feel you because I'm seeing your content do better over here because I was like wow. This site is pretty cool and looks like it needs to grow more, I'm right now trying to figure out what type of videos to upload on here still. I may just start doing videos on certain days on YouTube like Tuesday and Fridays. Really Ms. K people are not real supporting my channel but only the ones that has been down. I can't keep uploading videos on YouTube if my videos won't reach out there because it's already seeming like a waste of time for me. I just going to focus on playing my games more
                      • [ – ] Ms_K parent reply @thefatboygamer yes now I can see who's really supporting and keeping up w/me.It's refreshing cause I don't like all the negativity...
                        • Str8upreviewsEXP parent reply I feel that and I don't like it either... hold up I'll upload my unboxing on my Youtube channel on Tuesday and do videos on Fridays and the rest of my videos that I do throughout the week can come on here..
      • Ms_K parent reply @thefatboygamer your welcome🤗👍🏽
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