Evalion ~ How To Make The Best Spaghetti EVER!

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  • Literally-Hitler reply I don't think I've ever seen a sauce cooked backwards :/
  • Vituia reply Alt right cooking?
  • croman reply Dear Evalion, you forgot olive oil :) My "spaghetti" recipe: Put olive oil in the pan to cover the bottom, cut the onion into small pieces and put in a pan. Fry a few minutes on medium fire and then add the tomatoes (tomato puree, tomato pieces, whatever you want)) and a pinch of salt. When tomatoes boil add little garlic, basil, parsley, oregano, again little salt and spoon or two of sugar. Then all stir and cook 30 minutes over low heat, and every now and then stir and add a little water. I like to blend at the end with stick blender. Salute from Europe - Croatia. Love your videos!
  • userXVI reply You should do something like life with borris from Youtube, where he does it in a way that is extremly Russian, You could do some german recipies with a german accent, the meme's that would surrelly follow will be epic =) Or You could make up Your own, Im laughing just thinking of the posibilities. "Boiled fruit drink with a cube of solid dry ice and just Use Your imagination of what to call it =)"
  • mm44 reply Nice but what if you are a gut who live's alown do guys have you're permission to make it :)
  • ronikosak reply was this your first time making "spaghetti" ?
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