6 OLDEST Fallout Characters

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  • sarah reply holy moly, that's a lot of oldie people
  • [ – ] PhanatasyStar reply i found a young boy in the fridge, he was over 200 years in there
  • DouglasESL reply Cool video..
  • Brownfletching reply *The year is 2500. After living for over 250 years, the oldest non-ghoul on Earth lays dying. He stares blankly up at the ceiling, reflecting on his long life and the many adventures he's had. At his side, his many friends are gathered, many softly crying as they wait by his bed. As he lays there, his breath getting slower and more labored, he slowly turns his head to face the crowd. "Look, he's going to say something!" exclaims a trenchcoat-laden Synth from the back of the small crowd. For a moment, all is silent. Then, with his dying breath, in a voice so soft it could barely be heard, he says: "I heard word of a settlement that needs our help!"*
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