Minecraft Update Prevents Kids Poisoning Parrots In Real Life

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  • [ – ] Ishiku_542561_aka_xchoibitschibi reply Its a freeaking game ! leave the references alone damit.
    • MegaManTrigger parent reply As usual, it's the reason for the change that's the problem, rather than the change itself. Mechanically it's quite sensible for the taming to be done via seeds instead of cookies, but the devs were just having a bit of fun. "Think of the children" should be no justification for this sort of change. That sort of reasoning should be relegated to the hellish pits of "because I said so" and "it's for your own good". Fuck this species for every single one of those 37k upvotes.
  • CringeGames reply Poor parrots :(
  • ELBADGAMER reply para los españoles: en minecraft 1.12 se quiso implementar un nuevo mob que vendrian siendo los loros. el asunto es que en las primeras snapshots (pruebas) los desarrolladores añadieron la mecanica de domesticado de los loros a base de galletas de chocolate (para darles algun otro uso ya que es la comida mas pobre de todo el juego) pero resulta que para los animales el chocolate es veneno. al ser una snapshot desecharon la idea y en la versión final seguramente se cambiará por semillas bien de trigo o de cacao (ya que estas ultimas crecen en la selva). saludos!
  • Sinistar_Aries reply Well, being an adult it doesn't work on me/know when to actually go and read up on what animals really eat. But for children, I can't see this as a bad thing for changing food for in-game parrots. Like say, when you want to tame cats, you give them fish ( and I myself have three cats that will sometimes get the rare treat of some quality fish ). Gave a bit more feeling of trying to bond with an animal though I do wish they'd let us do more like play with them. D:
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