Shed Time - Welcoming David Seaman (and YOU should too!!!)

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  • [ – ] davidseaman reply Thanks for the warm welcome!!!
  • [ – ] Socore reply I followed David from YT. I am glad to have found a new platform!
  • [ – ] JohnnyAppleseed2 reply I would have never found out about Vidme if it wasn't for David Seaman
  • [ – ] TipsterGaming reply I totally agree. The fact that this is even a "controversy" is nuts to me. We should welcome big talent instead shun them because this platform will never be taken seriously unless big talent starts to make their way here.
    • JennyFedora parent reply Some People are going to feel this way whenever a bigger creator shows up over here at first. It's human nature. The small creators have the same opportunities here (and in many ways better opportunities than YouTube). Overall things have been friendlier and more inviting here.
    • [ – ] Micavity parent reply We do welcome him, he has good content, but he also has a huge following, and as a result, he uploads 5 videos and knocks everyone else off the front page. I like David and his content, but there needs to be a limit..
      • [ – ] 1a2b3c4d5e6f7g parent reply give him some time, he is coming in hot because he was slammed by big brother.
        • Micavity parent reply I fully intend to give it time :) I love that more people are joining up with vidme, Just voicing concerns that this current trending page isnt "for creators" but for "Top creators" which gives me PTSD of youtube.. lol
      • TipsterGaming parent reply He's transferring all his content over. By that logic, I should have been ridiculed when I moved over too.
  • Jeffmiles reply Thank you for being such a gentleman. I never heard of vidme before. I'm an American who uses these platforms to get information because the mainstream news are only putting out propaganda and "fake news". Because I followed David to vidme, I had the opportunity to see your post.
  • BrianAiya reply Thank you! and well said.
  • choneto reply Happy to jump from youtube to VIDME...thanks David Seaman. Hope to get a long support to amendment 1.
  • [ – ] NoBS4U reply I am here because of David. Here is another thing that David has brought, a following that is hungry for Uncensored content. This is the catalyst of why I'm here hoping this site will make it into a viable alternative to censored media. You are wise to embrace Mr Seaman, we (his followers) tend to listen to folks who oppose David's opinion without hate. Most of his followers are not stuck on emotional baggage, Now, off to check out your other videos...
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply Non-censorship is why we latched onto Gab in August and Vidme in September of last year. We have a tendency to slam the larger social media platforms during our Podcast for the censorship bias that became prevalent last year
      • NoBS4U parent reply I was never banned from twitter. Never used it much. Yet I am on Gab commenting more than I ever have with all other socialist platforms combined, go figure.
  • KcGonzales reply David brought me here! #Pizzagate is real, David is a true journalist with balls, people have lost their lives covering the important corruption he is covering! He is cool & did not mean to come off cocky, this is important stuff. I'm happy to see this channel is welcoming him & hopefully people check out this channel. Many of us love our constitution, God & trying to protect children!!!!!
  • [ – ] kicbro reply This guy is coo
  • CharismaV reply I'm sure 'take over' was just a poor choice of words. David's a very humble guy. You all will like him, you'll see.
  • TheDrumstick reply David Seaman is the reason I found out about vidme! So you're absolutely right that Seaman has brought a big following over here from GAB and YouTube.
  • raamonkhan reply D.Seaman led me to hiding too much truth
  • DenisesDream reply David brought me to this platform - I had never heard of Vidme before David. I like David Seaman a lot!
  • CrackerBob74 reply I Followed David Seaman over. Keep your controls off the creators. We want truth.
  • GAM3RSDOOM reply Nothing is wrong with him being here, glad he brought more people to Doesn't mean that I have to like him.
  • Shalamee reply I am here because of you David. Thank you for exposing pizzagate (please don't stop, for the sake of the children) and the ongoing threat to our 1st amendment rights. Let the truth be revealed so we can all be free of these perversions and tyranny.
  • dalton4388 reply I came over from youtube becouse off david seaman , he is a very brave man who seeks the truth and so thankyou for your video.
  • InfoWarsShow_AlexJones reply I am impressed with Seaman's tenacity and wish him every success. BTW, I am not affiliated with InfoWars. I am only a fan that uploads their videos.
  • donovansmiles2017 reply I will follow him where ever he goes. Great journalist who speaks truth.
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