No Riley, mean words are not violence!

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  • [ – ] FinPatriot reply That Riley is so messed up guy...
  • Namesi reply Dictionaries (Oxford, Merriam-Webster) are definitely not correct, but the World Health Organization totes is. Oh wait, whats this about the W.H.O.: "From its founding in l948 until the early l980s the WHO relied almost exclusively on member assessments, but increasingly donations have played a bigger and bigger role in its financing. "Between l984-85 and l992-93 the real value of the EBFs apparently increased by more than 60%, and in the l990-91 biennium expenditure of extrabudgetary funds exceeded the regular budget for the first time,"(Vaughan JP, Mogedal S, Druse S, Lee K, Walt G, de Wilde K, "Financing the World Health Organization: global importance of extrabudgetary funds," Health Policy, l996 Mar;35(3):229-45). And WHO's reliance on donations has increased throughout the l990s, with an astounding 50% growth in EBFs between l996-97 and l998-l999 (from a total of $658,012,975 to an estimated total of $956,000,000). This means essentially that the WHO is up for grabs to the hig...morehest donors, and that it must set its health policies and projects on those issues, which will bring in the most donations. In other words, its global health priorities are now being determined by what appeals to its biggest donorsrather than by the actual needs of the world's poorest and sickest populations, the very population WHO was set up to serve." Color me shocked.
  • The_Kingbreaker reply Seriously isn't it just easier to kill trannies then listen to them at this point?
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