EVERYBODY HATES GOEMON | The Legend of the Mystical Ninja (SNES)

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  • [ – ] TheCynicalCypher reply Don't know why, but I found myself jamming out to the soundtrack. Interesting game, though. For whatever reason, it reminded me of the 'Legacy of Goku' games on GameBoy (I think). I'm actually pretty hyped to see you play MegaMan II! I played one of the hundred MegaMan games a long time ago and remember it being insanely difficult. Also, that statue thing at the end was way creepier than it had any right to be.
    • EpicJC parent reply Daaaang Legacy of Goku. I played the first one for a bit but never quite got the hang of it. And yeah the music is very catchy. Megaman video will come out this Tuesday!
  • [ – ] WizardOfGore reply Zombies Ate My Neighbors is my MF'n jam! Oh snap, have you played the sequel Ghoul Patrol? You and the Mrs should play those together. You beat that boss at the end by hitting it's "shots" back at it. You also have a throwing ability on one of the buttons that uses coins like ninja stars. I believe there is also a map. PS I just made a Clayfighter joke like a week ago, I still have my cartridge.
    • EpicJC parent reply Never played the sequel you mentioned... Or the original! And i would have never guessed that, haha. Clayfighter.... Does that game hold up in any way? Because I HATED it back in the day.
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