Horizon Zero Dawn Part 7 | Meeting the General

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Mass Effect Andromeda Animation Team: "They won't notice the weird eyes and faces. The tech isn't there yet!" *Horizon Zero Dawn releases* MEAAT: Fuck.
    • [ – ] Neilist parent reply LOL, seriously though, the faces in HZD are so fucking good, they've got some very nice subtle movements too. I think it helps that it was developed by a company that focused so long on Linear FPS games (Killzone) and they pay attention much more to the small details, where a company like Bioware that focuses so much more on big picture stuff is at a bit of a disadvantage with things like emotional faces, lol.
      • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep parent reply Yes! Everything came together like magic -- great face animations, subtle voice work + facial expressions, incredible world design. The core gameplay isn't game-changing, but they tweak it enough to be interesting throughout. BioWare messed up. The crazy animations is one thing -- that can be fixed over time (stupid EA). But the writing for the first 2/3 of the game is mediocre. Not bad, but HZD blows it out of the human water. The interface is like if I go camping and try to pack my TV, TV chair, 20 cans of sardines, and my kitchen into my bag. They could have just made a simple drop down menu for the Mission Journal instead of 10 layers in different screens. BUT, Andromeda is not a bad game. It was just rushed and their focus was all over the place. Some nice world designs (e.g. the monoliths, etc.) but HZD is just leagues over it. What do you think of the new XBOX Scorpio specs? It sounds like a beast you know? But... beast might eat sheep, so I am not sure yet. PS4 is a cross-fi...moretter athlete, XBOX is trying to be a body builder. Muscle doesn't equal to better overall console!
        • Neilist parent reply I haven't had any reason to look into the xbox, especially now that I have a gaming PC, which frankly... makes the both the scorpio and pro look like little league ahtletes.
  • [ – ] Eilytres reply Is this the new thing where we upload 2 previous episodes after the latest one? ;D
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