Islam does not belong in the west 'Pauline Hanson turns up to Parliament in full burqa'

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  • JustABloke reply Ban the burqa .. totally agree!
  • [ – ] VybeyPantelonez reply I think she triggered them by showing up in full ninja garb
    • bohemefit2 parent reply & that wong cow is a gay labor degenerate in south australia, not diff to greens nor libtards
    • [ – ] bohemefit2 parent reply jews & theyre commie agendas are rife in multi cultural' australia
    • bohemefit2 parent reply it worked in showing theyre true colors.. im sick of seeing walking burkheads in my area who dont assimilate to our' country. Women fought for the vote here. These cunts are a symbol of going backwards in time & the practice of legalized pedophilia which is worse
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