Be Civilized! (2009 Vs 2017)

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  • [ – ] WendyB reply Great video! A bit depressing though.
  • [ – ] Jay-Bizzel reply Dude I'm confused...I flagged a video from a guy who was supporting and promoting Pedophilia. Does that make me an asshole? I wonder if I should have flagged it. I have kids and hearing that shit inflamed me. Now I feel kind of bad...
    • [ – ] Hayesenberg parent reply There is a difference between flagging someone because they don't like/agree with and someone justifying sick and criminal behavior. You have no reason to feel bad for flagging some asshole promoting fucking kids IMO.
      • [ – ] Jay-Bizzel parent reply Thanks for the response, I felt conflicted on that topic because I am an ardent supporter of free speech, If that means Looney-Libby's get to preach, fine. They are hypocrites but I'm not. But that video about children made me see red. Thanks again I feel less scummy about the whole thing!
        • Hayesenberg parent reply You really have no need to feel scummy. There are legitimate and ethical reasons to flag things and kid diddling is one of them. The assholes are the ones who flag videos of people they don't like or agree with and hide behind a term they bastardized, like claiming hate speech when someone says "it's okay to be white" for example. Many of these services, especially YouTube, have rules set up that legitimize bullshit flagging and that's the real problem IMO. Flagging isis or pedos is justified, flagging someone who doesn't think there are 8,395 genders and claiming hate speech isn't.
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