Vidme Exclusive: Vidme's Storage Limit Proposal

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  • [ – ] permavirgin reply Everytime google fucks up a bunch of youtubers defect and so the steady growth of this site is ensured as long as Vidme doesn't fuck up as well. Just don't fuck up Vidme, please.
  • PiyanGlupak reply Interesting video. A few days ago I hadn't even heard of Vidme. Now, I am starting to look at Vidme before YouTube.
  • [ – ] Phobos_Media reply Guys, I know this is in poor taste but youtube HATES my channel, and I would really appreciate some love for my channel. Leave a like, leave a comment, leave some hate, I will never censor you.
  • CoffeeWithComment reply I don't appreciate that Vidme is imposing any kind of limit without any clear reason as to *why* or if there is some sort of duration to this being in effect. That said, I've currently not received the email. I'm really hoping my content remains unscathed... but it probably doesn't change the fact that we still need a new Colony where we can practice free speech via video, unhindered and unoppressed.
  • Dapperchap reply Top idea to have vidme exclusive content. Will you be doing exclusives on other topics?
  • DryDrowner reply The better question is: Is Vidme ill prepared for the migration of people from YT? 50GB is not a massive amount of space but it might do if it's lifted for bigger users. As you mentioned a permanent loss model is not something Vidme can apply. Honestly if they declared that this platform will stay open to all points of view I would be prepared to pay a subscription fee on top of the stuff they get via tips and ads. This kind of thing needs to be supported these days and if we are not willing to have a couple packs of crisps fewer a month to keep the good guys afloat then We are truly fucked.
  • [ – ] ironrope reply styx, the quality of your video on looks amazing! something about the entire feeling of your channel and individual videos is really smooth. these exclusives are awesome - i recommend continuing them to bring more people to your content on this platform! 50gb is pretty huge however it would be a shame to have your old clips removed for the sake of space in the future...
  • [ – ] PastaFascist reply If they throttle vidme then just take the videos and use soundtrack with the video shrunken to your mouth moving in a little circle against a fixed picture. This will shrink the file size a lot and bring you back from anywhere near the 50GB threshold. It would work just fine.
  • kingy663 reply Just moved over to :) I hope more do the same soon
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Hey just something i noticed: i wouldnt worry too much about the space issue. I searched the topic and it seems as though the people who are complaining upload content that could easily be downscaled. They are uploading 1080p videos where it's not necessary. My videos need 1080p because it's art but if you're just talking into a webcam don't really need 1080p. Styx i wouldn't downscale ur work though because you are already established and have done quite a bit of work to build this site's base. Most of the users affected could easily downscale their work and it wouldn't make too much of a difference. Since this is a smaller site we all need to work around these issues until the site gets big enough to survive easily off tips. I think if we want this site to do well we should really be tipping regularly to support indi creators and the vidme staff. I will donate more soon but have already contributed to you dave cullen and stefan molyneux, 20 bucks to each here and there isnt b...moread, and if everyone did that: the site would be booming as far as bandwidth/space goes. Just some thoughts.
  • mattytripps reply Vidme should just get advertisers and take a fairly large cut of the revenue, say 60 percent or so.
  • TheNewAmericanMedia reply YouTube has messed with our channel for the last time too. Your suggestions were among the several reasons why we created a VidMe channel today. We have a few plans up our sleeves, and look forward to perhaps having you join our #AgreeToDisagree show sometime in the near future. Thanks, The New American Media
  • AEM945532 reply Get others to switch!
  • AEM945532 reply I will exclusively watch you on vidme
  • Wolfskinz reply Google you tube is cia nsa anyway
  • Bal6fs2 reply Mmm hope. We'll soon see who thay appreciate. Money or message.
  • LunaEqualsLuna reply Youtube rapidly going down the shitter, hopefully enough competitors pop up...
  • Jowley reply I rather like the idea. It may make people think harder and try harder with what they upload, making it a better overall experience.
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