Talk Thursday - Why I Joined Vidme & Video Ideas & Tips for New Creators

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  • [ – ] FireRam reply @TheBrewMonks i know that why i don't upload to YT now. Your Welcome TBW!
  • TheBrewMonks reply Exactly the same experience you had. 5x the views here than I ever got on YT. What better reason than that! Thanks for the vid FR!
  • [ – ] LunaSpiritFight reply I moved from Youtube too. I wasn't really having issues like other creators but since a lot of the creators that were having issues joined this site I wanted to join too and support them. I thought because of that I might as well post my Youtube videos there as well so I did. I still use Youtube but my will be here if I end up having to move (aka Youtube makes more mistakes) or the majority of the creators I like decide to move here.
    • [ – ] FireRam parent reply So true youtube just don't care about creators and you will see that you will end up with more followers and even if you have a small channel or new to @vidme you will be made welcome here and end up with more views and followers
      • [ – ] LunaSpiritFight parent reply I agree, especially as far as revenue goes. Personally, I don't get money off of Youtube or but people that do have basically been thrown under the bus by Youtube sadly. definitely seems to have a great community and I can't wait to see how things turn out.
        • [ – ] FireRam parent reply Well you never know you might be a lucky vidizen and end up in one of @Calibri_Funtimes Random Creator Videos or one of @JustHypeVibe Shining Vidizen Videos or one of my Welcome Wednesday Videos
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