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  • Martin_Willett reply This was a little technical workout. I recorded the video in 4K as a test (because I didn't have the right tripod for my big camera handy) I then decided that it was not a flattering shot so I zoomed in. As it had lots of spare pixels I could lose some and still have pin-sharp imagery. I loaded up some scans of old photographs, all various resolutions and proportions. I now think I have mastered a new technique of zooming in on big images, both fixed and video. My action camera can work in up to 4K but the lens isn't as good as my big camera which tops out at 1080i. As this was close range it didn't need a big lens. The audio quality would have been better with my big camera, and it would be stereo, but the picture is fine and it did allow me to zoom in after taking the video, something which I will almost certainly be doing again. I have quite a few shots from the car in 2K which I could probably zoom in on in 1080 HD and lose the edge of the car, which can be distracting, while not...more compromising image quality. I also tested some extra lights, including a battery-powered LED flood light which did seem to work, allowing really fine detail to show up. This could be useful for lighting outdoors as well as indoors. I might take it lamping rabbits... The last experiment was standing up. I think there is something to be said for standing up when talking off the cuff. It is better for the bloodflow, the posture and you eliminate creaks and groans from the chair (my knees are a little quieter than my chair). I think I will make sure I have both standing and seated options when I set up my studio in my new house.
  • Andywells reply Great old photos, How thing a have changed! KAnd not always for the good!
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